Loss Adjusters or Public Loss Adjusters?

loss adjustersPublic Loss Adjusters

Are you looking for professional loss adjusters to represent you? Public Loss Adjusters are here to represent you, day and night – with our 24-hour call line, we are always here whenever you need advice or just someone to speak to about the damage caused.

Unlike other loss adjusters, we work for the policy holder, not the insurance company – so you can be certain that we will not be biased towards the insurers. We will assess the building thoroughly so you get the final settlement fee that you deserve. If you are in need of a loss adjuster or have any question regarding what we can do for you, please visit our website at https://www.publiclossadjusters.com/ or call us on 0800 434 999.

About Public Loss Adjusters

Public Loss Adjusters have been a Loss Adjusting company since 1971 – they have vast experience in loss adjusting and claims management and have dealt with every case that this type of industry has thrown at them. We have two senior directors that work for Public Loss Adjusters who have over 65 years of combined experience between them.

We have close allies in this industry, which dramatically helps with the claims process and repair work. We also offer free loss adjusting when you choose our provided contractors. The contractors that we have a strong partnership with offer some of the best restoration work in the industry.

However, if you decide not to choose the contractor of our choice to see out your repairs, or just decide to take the settlement fee in a cash sum, we will take 10% + VAT of the final settlement fee for the loss adjusting we have provided.

We also directly speak to your insurer for you, to ensure that the entire claims process goes as smoothly as possible and is done as fast as possible. It is essential that we talk to your insurer directly – if we don’t they might try to make the claim process as slow as possible and might try to give you less than what your claim is actually worth.…